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Отменный мод, на чешском языке. Доработан до релизной версии, обещали следующую на английском и пропали :cry:
Стер случайно свою версию,нет ли у кого?

Включает -6 new cities – Neverwinter ( Blacklake District, Docks ), Baldur’s Gate, Waterdeep (Trade District, Docks ), Targos ( City center, Docks ), Siluvanede (elvish city) and Har–Al–Dur (cleric city) – each of them has it’s own CITY–QUEST. It’s a large quest, mostly about the help for the city or the rescue of it.
Other Features:

The PoF mod brings you a lot of new areas (150), which you can visit. – e.g. The Anauroch desert, Islands, Shaar, High Forest and many others – see section screenshots.

• Creatures • 50+ new creatures and new animations – barbarians, worg riders, new thieves animations and more – see section screenshots.

• Quests • Aside from the main quests and the city–quests, you will walk into another 35 regular quests and many other mini–quests.

• Items • PoF mod offers you new types of weapons – Broad sword, Falx, Falchion, Stars, Pikes, Partisans, Tridents, Battle axes, Two handed Bastard swords, Magic books and new types of armour. Except the new types, we have add 200 new magic items – see section content.

• Graphics and sound • PoF brings whole new GUI to the game, alters graphic of all BG2 items into IWD 2 graphic, adds 10–15 entirely new locations. New sounds in the cities, in battles. Part of PoF are also czech voices to dialogs, only czech – see section screenshots.

• NPCs • In the first version of PoF you will encounter only one entire and 3 tutorial (You will find these NPC’s only in PoF prologue) JoinAble NPC – Kevhorn. I plan to add up to 3 new NPC’s to the next version – see section content.

• Kits • PoF kitpack replaces all the old kits with 3 new kits for each class.

• COMPATIBILITY • To play the mod, you will need BG2 SoA with ToB + patch 26498 installed. PoF will be a stand–alone mod. This mod won't be compatible with other Quest mods like RoT, SoS etc. ToB can't be played after finishing PoF.
List of the CITY–QUESTS:
The Merchant King – Atkathla
The Hidden Castle – Waterdeep
The Luskan threat – Neverwinter
Icewind Dale – Targos
False Charge – Siluvanede
Sarevok returns – Cleric city
Artemis Entrerey, The thief guild – Baldur's Gate
List of the regular quests:
The lost blacksmith
The book of the dead
Trademeet caves
The Forgotten Temple
Pirate Isle
Woman and child
The book of magic
The troubles in mines
Moonwood part 2
and more…

• Specially • Mod brings a new location to Atkathla – Merchant district – residency of one of the 6 Merchant kings of Amn.
City defense – Neverwinter – part of the main story.


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